Friday, January 20, 2012

Ohio Mayor Files Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Glenn Broska, the newly-elected mayor of Streetsboro, Ohio, confirmed recently that he is currently making payments in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization plan, according to  Broska filed his Chapter 13 case in 2009 and has been making monthly payments of $455 to creditors since then according to his bankruptcy plan.

Broska turned to Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection after his 2006 divorce; divorce is a leading cause of personal bankruptcy filings. He also quit his part-time job at the Streetsboro Fire Department, from which he earned up to $42,000 annually. Broska stated that he also assisted with his son’s college expenses. He incurred additional debt when his unemployed adult daughter, who remained on his health insurance, faced health issues, putting a greater strain on his already “reduced, divorce-depleted income”.

Talking openly and recovering from serious setbacks could be an asset for any politician during these difficult economic times when many Americans are facing financial struggles of their own.

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