Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Miami Style

William H. Holly, a South Florida commercial real estate broker, has recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Holly reportedly experienced financial difficulties while a real estate developer in the beleaguered South Florida area.
In an article by Paul Brinkmann in the South Florida Business Journal, Holly began his career at the Codina Bush Group and was a director at Cushman & Wakefield before establishing the Miami office of Insignia/ESG. The realtor then went back to Cushman & Wakefield in Miami after working for himself for several years.
His recently filed bankruptcy petition declares specific debt of $3.2 million and a number of other debts listed as ‘amount unknown’. Most of the debt on the bankruptcy filing is $2.85 million owed toACG-Miami Green LLC, a company related to the development of Holly’s signature office building,Miami Green. The filing also lists credit card debt as well as a $190,000 judgment from Capital Bank.
Holly is a founding shareholder of Coral Gables Trust and serves on its board of directors. He is also a founding shareholder of Fort Myers-based Florida Gulf Bank.
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