Monday, April 9, 2012

Apps Can Help You Manage Your Finances

As tax-time draws ever closer, most Americans start thinking about ways to get their household finances organized, if not now, for next year. Following, from a Parade article by Dan Tynan, are some apps for your smartphone. While we at Macey Bankruptcy Law are not endorsing any of these apps (we haven’t even tried all of them out yet), we are all for anything that helps manage our money.
•    Can I Buy? – Enter your salary, assets and debt and discover if you can really afford that vacation or vintage Corvette. (Android, Apple – $2)
•    Debt Snowball Pro – This app tells which of your loans has the highest interest rate and are, thus, the ones to pay down first; more features, as well. (Apple – $3)
•    DOXO – Photograph any bill/statement & file it in the appropriate category. This app will track due dates & payments and, soon, be able to pay some bills directly from your phone! (IPhone – free)
•    Manilla – This app can organize all of your online accounts (bank, frequent flier, etc.) and even pay bills from your phone. (Android, Apple – free)
•    Paypal – One you sign up for Paypal, you can make purchases at thousands of websites (Amazon, EBay), donate to your favorite charities and even bill for business services; I personally know that this comes in handy & is secure. (Android, IPhone – free)
•    Shoeboxed – Another app where you can take a photo of receipts, organize them & export them to a personal finance or tax-preparation program. (Android, Apple – 30-day free trial then plans starting at $10/month)
•    Turbotax 2011 – A potential great help for those Americans who prepare their own taxes; lots of easy-to-use features to make tax preparation easier & more accurate. (Android tablets, Apple IPad– free download; $30+ for federal, $37 for state income tax)
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