Monday, April 9, 2012

Work of Artz Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Austin, Texas, barbecue restaurant, Artz Ribs, known for its live music as well as its ribs, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy filing shows that the business owes $303,000 in unpaid wages and taxes and has assets of only $23,400.
Owner Art Blondin is hoping to open another restaurant within a month, but could not relate details of his plans, reports Addie Broyles for Blondin states, “’The customers have been absolutely wonderful. They stuck with us through the hard times. We would not have made it as long as we did if it wasn’t for the generosity and hardworking help from all of our customers.’”
Artz Ribs opened in August 1992. In 2009, the restaurant was temporarily closed when Blondin’s wife was ill and he was repaying back taxes. A fundraiser held that year raised some $10,000 to reopen the restaurant. However, a year later, Blondin filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to try to reorganize his debt.
Charlie Stewart, a manager of some Austin-based bands and who has been going to Artz since 1995, said the eatery was an indispensable venue for his bands when they were just getting started. He said, ‘”…they were always willing to give new artists a chance.’”
Former Austin City Council member Max Nofziger, who now plays in a band called the Harmony Brothers, said Artz was one of the group’s favorite places to play. He reflected that “’It was one of the few places that actually fed you and paid you. Now where do I go to get barbecue? I haven’t had to think about this for 20 years’”.
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By the way, for authentic Texas BBQ, try The Saltlick, just outside of Austin in Driftwood.

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